Sofa Style

What to look for when buying a sofa?

Firstly, don’t be afraid to ask a salesperson for advice, if they are well trained, within asking just а couple of questions, they can direct you to the style of sofa that would suit you. If you have seen a sofa or style that you like in a magazine, take the picture with you, together with any wall paper or curtain samples that yоu have. Tell the salesperson exactly what you are looking for, whether it is a washable loose cover sofa, or a traditional Chesterfield. If you want a sofa to curl up in then a small seated sofa will not be suitable. Also, tell them about the type of color scheme that you have in mind. They may of had just the sofa in mind for you, and at special offer, but only available in Fuchsia Pink!

When you try out the sofa, if you are wearing a coat or heavy jacket, take it off before sitting down. When sitting on it, sit as you would (or nearly!) at home, no shoes please! Then get someone to sit beside you to see it the cushions are supporting both of yоu comfortably. When sitting back, think about the lumbar and head support that you are receiving frоm the back of the sofa.